Friday, April 5, 2013

New la dee da outfit!

For Easter I got a new la dee da outfit! It's a hula outfit! Here are the pics:


And here are a few pics of Josefinas hair. If you have any tips besides downy dunk, washing or straightening, (I've tried all of these,) please comment down below what they are!


  1. Elizabeth's hair is kind of like this, too. :( I put some Downy and water in a spray bottle and then spritz her really rough parts. After brushing, it looks great! But you have to do it every month or so.

    You could get her a new head.... though that is expensive.

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  3. Oops! I deleted my comment by accident! It said:
    I'll totally try this! And last time I went to the AG place, the employee said it would cost 45$!

  4. Did you straighten your doll's hair with a heated straightener??

  5. No, she is actually my neighbors old doll and was in a flood at her house.