Saturday, May 18, 2013

New doll?!?!?

Yes, I got a new doll, at a....
Tag sale! It's Samantha, but her hair had lost its curl a bit. Here are some pictures!

Here is the overview.
She has some marks, but I know how to take them off. 
Very loose limbs

 But I still love her, and she was only $30, when on eBay it's like $300! I'm in shock that I found a doll at a tag sale, I've been looking for almost 5 years!



  1. I found a limb tightening tutorial somewhere, like on one of the sites in DD's Sunday Showcase with Kit holding the ice cream soda. :P You probably won't be able to find that.
    But really cool! I'm always looking for dolls at thrift stores, and I recently found some MyTwinn dolls for $50, but I didn't buy them. Not a very good deal and not my thing.

    1. That's so cool that you found dolls at the thrift shop! I've actually never been to a thrift shop before, I mainly just go to tag sales. And MyTwinn dolls aren't my thing either, during Christmas time theyt sent out a catalog, and I think that they go overboard in the detail, because on the cover the girl and the doll looked so much alike, even the freckles were in the same spot!

  2. I got a used pleasant company Samantha on eBay for $80!